In 2004, as a result of an in-house research on new technological trends, the idea arose of creating an own project taking digital transformation as the central axis.
We started 2006 with “Digital Home and Office”, in the traditional building of La Europea. Conceived as a versatile space, open to the public and companies, created with avant-garde design bringing together the latest in technology and comfort, we work with the contribution of more than 30 leading companies in the market.

Building the future: Sustainable Container CASA FOA 2009
Together with the Matilde Oyharzabal Architecture and Landscape Studio and within the framework of CASA FOA 2009, a sustainable housing project was developed designed to generate the least impact on the environment and future generations.

As an agency, we develop the brand architecture, we present a digital marketing strategy in order to position Marca Futuro as a digital medium that provides information about technological trends. Thanks to the creation of content, we achieved engagement, being able to reach more than 1,500 followers in the short term.

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